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Birthday, Royal Ontario Museum! Celebrating 100 years!

The past 100 years have been a century of remarkable change. Through it all, the Museum has stood, changing with it. Today we celebrate our centennial, and look forward to another 100 years!

Having grown up at the Museum, it’s a honour to be able take part in this celebration. Through Tumblr and Twitter, I’ve been able to meet so many of you here at the Museum, and I hope that our year-long series of events (like May’s ROM Revealed) will allow me to meet more. Always let me know when you’re comin’ out! 

If you haven’t been out since you were a kid, or ever even, this is probably the best time to become re/acquainted!

You can see what the world is saying about our birthday with the #ROM100 hashtag on twitter!

More information
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  • The Toronto Star has always been a great supporter of the Museum. See what they’re sayin’ about #ROM100 HERE!
  • The Grid has a nice infographic on 90 million years of specimens on display at the Museum HERE. SPOILER, we also have meteorites from the formation of the solar system, 4 billion+ years old, on display too. 
  • The Torontoist has an awesome review of the ROM’s opening in 1914 HERE.
Image credits
  • The Royal Ontario Museum circa 1914. ROM archives.
  • The Royal Ontario Museum in mid 2013. Kiron Mukherjee
Written by @kironcmukherjee. Last update: March 14th, 2014.